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Photo Scanning
Photo Scanning is available for all photos up to 8 inch by 10 inch size.
Copyright photos will not be duplicated.
We will scan both black and white photos as well as color.
Scanning can be coordinated with website work
or done on an individual basis.
Having website work done by us
in order to take advantage of our scanning process
is not required.
Pricing on Photo Scanning vary according to requested service.
See below for several options.
Straight Scans
$4.00 per picture scan request
Photos scanned to your existing email account
or uploaded to public server into a temporary file
from which you capture photo and upload it to your own server.
Edited Photos
$5.00 per picture scan request
Photos scanned and uploaded as above
with adjustments to lighting, added text, dates, cropping
or where other editing is performed.
Multiple Photo Scan Discount
10% discount applies to total of above
Discounts are given for any **quantity of scans
performed in the same request.
**Quantity discount applies to a
quantity over 20 (twenty) simultaneous scans (in one request).
It is requested that photos be mailed US Postal Priority Mail
and shall be returned by the same means.
Please protect the photos to insure safe delivery and handling.
We are not responsible
for photos lost or damaged in transit
to or from our service.
Additional adjustments and alterations
to original photos can also be made upon special request.
Please contact us
if you have any special requests on the photos
other than what we have mentioned.
For further inquiries, please email us.
Thank You!
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