This page is dedicated to
all the beautiful people in the world
who are struggling with illness and/or
emotional pain in their lives.
I am providing links to various sites
that I feel are worthy causes among many others
that I have not listed here.
Please take time to visit these sites
and expand your world into their's.
I have been either directly or indirectly
touched by each of these in my personal life.
Each of them have a mountain to climb
which is so much easier
when holding the hand of a supportive friend.
Won't you please extend your hand
so that they can deal with their struggles
a little easier?
A saying I once heard
keeps resounding in my head.
Think about this....
"I felt sorry for myself when I had no shoes,
Until I saw a man with no feet"
Please feel free to take the graphic below
and add it to your website or email
by uploading it to your own server.
Please do NOT direct link to this graphic.
Display it proudly
and show others that you support
our children in need of a Ray of Sunlight.
The image may be linked to this page
Thank You
Feel free to take this graphic
and link it back to this page.
Please upload to your own server.
Display it proudly with hope
For a Better Tomorrow
For All of Us
FOOTNOTE: I am not endorsing any of the above websites, nor do I necessarilly agree with their points of view. Links are posted for information purposes only.