A Touch Of Tenderness
Especially For You
On Mother's Day

Touch The Roses For A
Special Greeting
From Someone Who
Thinks The World Of You!~

Because I love you so,
And need to express my appreciation
For all the scarifices you have made,
For all the love you have given me,
This is my gift especially for you.

Must Haves In Life......

Compassion For Others


Often we don't take the time
To just tell someone just how much they mean to us.
Take this special moment out of your busy day,
To just let them know you are thinking about them.

Whether it be a Mother, Sister, Grandmother,
Aunt, Neice, Cousin, or just a friend.
Everyone likes to know they are being thought about,
Especially on special days like these.

Don't let time pass and then regret
That you didn't take the time
To Let Someone know just how special they are
And that they mean the world to you!

Angel has a special "In Memory" Book
If you would like to leave a Dedication.
The book is for anyone who wishes to sign
But also for those who have lost loved ones.

Are you wanting to find that special,
One of a kind gift for this Mother's Day
But you have no idea where to look?
Click"HERE"and find it just waiting for you!

Now, please follow Angel to her special place
And leave your message for other's to share.
Have a beautiful Mother's Day and thank you
For taking this special moment to care!

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