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We Have Just Acquired Two More!
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Of Mittenz and Sox !
They are twin boys, 12 weeks old!
My Kitty Korner
Jealous Lady~~~~~~
A little information
on my cats above....
TABATHA is 14 years old,
female, Calico, extremely loyal
and definately MY cat..LOL
She has been with me since
she was about 4 weeks old.
She was Sabrina's sister
YELLOW is 8 years old,
male, about 22 lbs.
He came to us in Florida
as a stray.
After two weeks of seeing him,
he was welcomed into our family (and house)
COCOA is 7 years old,
male,Siamese/Snowshoe breed.
He weighs approx 18 lbs and
believe me..he is all muscle!
He was adopted from the Humane Society
in Florida.
He had the appearance of a
racoon when he was a baby!
He has a typical, very
intent personality
Jekyll & Hyde...LOL
NIKI is 6 years old,
female,long-hair Tortoise
who belongs to my daughter
but was raised with the clan!LOL
She is loving and loyal
but is the "shy one"
BIBBS is 3 years old,
female and just plain "Trouble!" LOL
She is still in the baby stage so
I am sure she will "get a grip" soon.
Ya just can't help but love her anyway!
Bibbs also belongs to my daughter.
BO-BO is a 6 years old male.
He is slight built,loving,
and he thinks Yellow is his Father!
What a cute pair they are!
LADY is Not a cat!
BUT she was raised with six,
so of course she thinks she is!
She is 4 years old, Sable & White, AKC,
an absolute angel housedog,
and is spoiled rotten!
She really wants her own page...
Can you tell?? That comes later.
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