Who Is Krystal?
Many of you have asked this question. As you read this, you may realize that you are one of those people. My site was introduced, but did not include a personal page about me. By request, I am including this page in hopes that you will know me better now and have more of a personal insight as to why I worked so hard building my site.
I was born in Illinois and lived there until my middle school years. The next move was to Florida where I completed school and more or less got a taste of adult life. I was married and had two beautiful children and then moved to Colorado.
Life in Colorado was wonderful, I remarried and had my son and daughter. Then my life took a path to New England and it's beauty. The change of seasons are absolutely awesome. This is where I chose to plant my feet for the rest of my life.
Now, I know you are probably saying to yourself "This still doesn't tell me why this site is so personal to her". My reply to that is that you haven't been into all of my links and pages yet, otherwise you would see, especially after reading this, why I choose to speak so loudly on certain issues and causes.
I have been touched by many people in my life as well as many experiences (sometimes I think I got more than my share). Just to name a few; Muscular Dystrophy, Diabetes, Cancer, Hospice, Adoption, Divorce, Single-Parenting and more. Each of these I have either experienced on a personal level or had someone close to me affected by these.
You will not see me standing on a "soapbox" preaching the finer points or horrors of each, however, the stories and information will eventually be here for you should you choose to look deeper into each. All of our lives are affected by different experiences and troubles, I am sure you have had your share also.
With all but one of my children soaring into adulthood, I am presently married to a wonderful man and I sincerely believe he is my "soul-mate". We have a wonderful, loving relationship and he cherishes my children, just as I cherish his. We met later in life and did not have the blessing of our "own" children, but we share that love with the children we already have.
Looking ahead, I see many more pages could be made from my own personal point of view of experiences in my lifetime. Whether I pursue making them is another question. I have been told I am an "opinionated" person, but I guess that is all a part of my "Scorpio" nature. We tend to be a bit on the strong side when it comes to issues and opinions. Actually that can be one of our best points, depends on which end you are on I guess.
I have met many wonderful friends since being on the "Web", way too many to mention individually, but they know who they are. Some I have actually met in person, some I have not, but they are each and every one of them special to me. Many of my friends have given me encouragement to seek success in the direction I have chosen and I appreciate their support, for without that, I would probably not pursue my dream. Thank you my friends!
Now that you know a little about me, you can continue on thru my pages with the link below. If you have time, please stop by my Guestbook on the main page and let me know you were here! Look for new and expanded pages coming soon.
Thanks! ~Krystal~
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