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Learn to Transload!

by: Scorpion50

The following Instructional Tutorials on the proedure to Cut & Paste and Transload started out to be just helpful letters that I wrote to a friend. However, after writing the same letter over and over again, I decided to start C&P the letters and sending them to other people who needed help.

The following pages are in no way formal or proper. They are intended to be used only as Basic Instruction on the two procedures. There are several sites that offer much more detailed instructions on the Web. My letters were only to be used as simple, uncomplicated methods which could be easily understood among friends.

The Instruction on the Transloader is only basic. The procedure described will instruct you on TL gifs and jpgs. It is not for the purpose of TL scanned pics, that involves two more steps.

The Transloader has many capabilities, only one of them do I use for my Tutorial. Please check out the Help Section at the TL for further capabilities and uses for it. There is a Q&A section and also Discussion Groups that can be of help to you there.

As you all have seen, many sites on the Web offer free graphics, but ask you not to link to their site when using them. You need to TL the gifs and jpgs you find on the Web to your File Manager in Geocities, TalkCity, or whatever site provider you choose to use. It has been a pleasure working with Couchy on the ERLive page and with all of you who have had your pictures placed there. The credit for the printing of these pages needs to go to his daughter,

Enjoy using the Tutorials, but please help me by being patient if you must e me for futher help. It would be a lot easier to check the TL Forums first since many people run into the same problems when trying to Transload in the beginning.


If you have been helped in any way by these two Tutorials, please take a minute to sign the "Dreambook" Guestbook on the last page of the TL Tutorial. It is nice to know that they were of benefit to the "Family".

Cut and Paste Lesson 1