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Transloading: Part 3

The link below will take you to a site with gifs and jpgs. Find a gif to experiment with and click on it so that it comes up on the screen.

Now that you have the pic on the screen, and only that pic with nothing else on the screen with it, hit the "GoTo" key, pick "show last" and make sure that what you have on the screen ends in .gif or .jpg. You do not want to TL a page that ends in .html, because you only want the gif or jpg that you selected. Hit "back" to cancel the popup and now you are ready to take that pic to your site thru the TL.

While the pic is on your screen, hit the shortcut key you set for your TL site and it will take you to the Transloader. You must go directly from the pic to the shortcut key for the TL, nowhere else! Step Four will tell you how to fill in the blanks on the TL page and then what will happen during the TL process...


ERFamily gifs

Part 4