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Transloading: Part 4

I have included the TL link at the bottom so that you can go back and forth from there to my letter to see what I am talking about. For now, there are only SEVEN things you will even want to worry about filling in on the TL form....Do not worry about the rest, they are for other things....not for now. Just ignore all the writing, blanks, boxes, etc. and follow what I tell you......

1. After you have got your pic on the screen, go directly to the TL page, wait for the "drip" mark to appear under the first line on the form and click on it. This will fill in the URL of the pic you are TL. If it does not, go back to your pic again and then come back to the TL using your shortcut key and try it again.

2. Fill in a new name for the gif or jpg that you want to call it. Be sure to put what it is, like frog.gif or fro.jpg (put the name you want to call it PLUS the dot and gif or dot and cannot change what it is, only the name)

3. Fill in "Target ftp"...this is where you put the ftp. addy of where you are sending the pic are two you can use: (is for TalkCity) (is forGeocities) (is for Tripod)

4. Fill in your login name for the Target Name.....exactly as you use it to login.

5. Fill in your password for that account...exactly as you would use it.

6. Scroll down and hit the "Transload" button....please do not check any of the squares, just ignore them. This will take you to a screen that is your TL Status Log, it will automatically take you to the next screen.

On the next screen, click the "reload" words in the paragraph and then scroll down until you see a "Zap" button at the bottom. It will show the transfer in process, so keep clicking the word reload until it gives you the whole process completed and the "Zap" at the bottom.

If there is a problem with the TL, it will tell incorrect password, etc. You can use your back key to go back to the first screen and make corrections.(seldom happens) When you see the "ZAP button, be sure to click it and free the TL for other people to use. Then go into your File Mgr. and check and see if the pic is there.

Ok....that is how you do it. You have these pages to refer back to. Let me know if there are any problems, I will be online at least once a day. Please e-mail me at

HINT: Watch your typos, it will stop the whole process....


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