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Lady Oh's Favorite GIFs and JPGs
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"This Site is Dedicated to my Mother and Father, Whom I Miss Dearly!"
Lady Oh

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A special thanks to all of the people who have sent this site unusual GIFs and JPGs. You are most kind and many of them have been used. If you have one that you think will fit this collection, please do not hesitate to send it to me in email! Make sure you check the copyright laws first. Don't want to put anyone else's property on a free site. Please check back often, for I will be adding new pages as Gifs and Jpgs become available to me. All Gifs and Jpgs may be sized with html code or with other means to conserve space.

Lady Oh and I would especially like to thank her friends for all of their support and contributions and a special thank you to Bob (Parob), Barbara (Jiba), Don (DevilsFan), Maralyn (Yankeey), Chi Lin (Jade Girl), Frank (ShadowCat) & Mojo (Mojomon2).

Disclaimer: All images, to my knowledge, are public domain. If you know differently, please e-mail us and either Cory or I will take it out immediately.

These graphics are not to be used for commercial or for-profit sites. If they are used for COLLECTIONS a link MUST be provided back to this site or my banner must be shown, as we have obtained special copyright permission for a lot of these images and some were even made especially for us, and therefore, the artists must be credited. The banner code is:

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Many Images Contained On This Site Courtesy Of Jonathon Bowser

Some Original Artwork Donated To Us By RexySue

"Cabin In The Fall" Courtesy Of Thomas Kinkade

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